professional carpet cleaning short stop chem dryThe question isn’t whether or not your carpets should be cleaned – it is HOW should they be cleaned. Should you do it yourself or should you call a professional to come and do it?

That is a common question people have. Now, as a carpet cleaning business, we obviously think that calling a professional is the right choice. But we decided to do some research on professional cleaning vs. doing it yourself. Here’s what we found:

Do It Yourself?

The first factor to consider is time. In order to clean your carpets yourself, you would need to rent a steam cleaning machine (which doesn’t clean the carpets as effectively), and pick-up and return the machine. This can be time-consuming, and a real hassle. Also, steam cleaners use lots of water, which means that your carpets will remain damp for a long time, meaning more of your time will be spent trying to avoid the wet carpets.

Another factor to consider is the effectiveness. As we said before, steam cleaning is not highly effective. It oftentimes leaves behind soapy residue which attracts dirt and grime, causing you to have to clean your carpets again and again in order for them to stay clean.

Probably one of the biggest reasons why people choose to clean their carpets on their own is the price. However, doing it yourself may not be as cheap as you’d thought. Remember that you’ll need to pay to rent the machine, and supply the cleaning solutions as well!

The Advantage of Professional Cleaning

It is important to remember that not all professional carpet cleaners are created equal. Unlike steam cleaners, Short Stop Chem-Dry uses the Power of Carbonation, a natural cleaning process that requires ⅓ of the water that steam cleaners do, leaves behind no soap, and dries in a few short hours. Our machines are able to heat water to the ideal temperature – something that those DIY steam cleaners can’t reach.

And so, considering the results you’ll get, and the time and money you’ll spend, we strongly believe that you are better off calling the professionals for your next carpet cleaning. Your carpets will appreciate the extra care you give them. Here at Short Stop Chem-Dry, we have mastered the art of cleaning carpets.

Also Remember:

If you clean your carpets and they are more than ‘slightly damp’ when finished, they are too wet! Using a weak machine can result in soggy carpets that take as long as 1-2 days to completely dry. Chem-Dry’s Hot Carbonation Extraction method dries in just a few hours!

Whether it is a small stain, deep stain, pet urine and odor, or just normal everyday wear and tear, the professionals here at Short Stop Chem-Dry will get the job done.

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