Back to School Home Organization - Short Stop Chem-Dry

 Back to School Home OrganizationBack to school time is a busy time for many families. School schedules can be hectic, especially if you have multiple children in different schools. That’s not to mention extracurriculars, such as clubs, sports, music lessons, and more. All of these activities can be stressful, and important items can be lost or events forgotten, making it more stressful. Here’s how to organize your home to make back to school time less stressful. 

1. Create a Family Event Calendar

Set up a calendar that lists everything your family is involved in that you don’t want to forget, including clubs, lessons, appointments, and everything else. Post this calendar somewhere the entire family can see it, such as the kitchen wall. It’s a good idea to color code these, so that each family member can tell exactly where they need to be when. We recommend using a dry erase calendar so that you can reuse it month after month.

2. Work to Avoid Germs and Prevent Illnesses

One stressful part of the school year is getting ill. Schools are full of lots of kids in a small area, which leads to a lot of germs being passed around. In order to keep your kids healthy, work on eliminated germs in your house. Wipe down the most commonly touched places in their homes, such as doorknobs. Be sure to wash clothes in a timely matter and not to re-wear clothes that have been worn at school before washing. Encourage your kids to wash their hands regularly, especially before eating.

3. Organize Closets To Make Mornings Easier

One of the toughest parts of getting ready in the morning can be getting kids dressed. Make this process easier by organizing your kids’ closets. Go through and pull out anything that doesn’t fit anymore. Set aside any clothes that are out of season and plan to pull them out when the weather changes. By reducing the number of choices in the closet, kids will be able to get dressed quicker. You can make the process even quicker by picking out outfits the night before, even an entire week’s worth on Sunday night.

4. Organize the Bathroom Too

Another way to streamline mornings is to organize the bathroom. Losing a toothbrush can slow the entire morning down. Get each child a basket for their personal toiletries, such as toothbrushes, combs, styling products, deodorant, anything your child uses regularly. Have them replace their toiletries everytime they use them. This way, everything is in one place when they need it.

5. Keep School Necessities in One Place

In order to make sure that important papers and other school supplies don’t get misplaced, create a place for school items. We recommend getting a shelf and hooks. Have each child hang their backpack up immediately after school so they don’t get lost. If they have any papers that need to be signed, have them place them on the shelf. Each morning you can grab items off of the shelf and the backpacks and go.

6. Create a Productive Study Area

Homework can be a big struggle for many families. In order to keep distractions at bay, set up an area just for school work. This can be a desk in the bedroom, or at the kitchen table. You just want to make sure that when homework is being done, distractions are put away. Gather all of the school supplies into one place, such as a drawer, so they never get lost. To make hometime more fun, you can decorate the area.


All of us at Chem-Dry are wishing you a stress-free school year!