Have you ever worked hard to remove a tough stain from your carpet just to see it reappear in the exact same spot? This can be baffling and even downright frustrating!


Why Do Carpet Stains Reappear After I’ve Removed Them?

There are three main reasons why carpet stains come back:

  1. carpet stain removal prevent wicking short stop chem dryThe stain was never completely removed in the first place.
  2. Soap was left behind in the steam cleaning process. This sticky residue collects even more dirt.
  3. Dirt and stains were forced below the surface of the carpet by a high-pressure steam cleaning machine then “wicked” back upward as the carpet dried.

Wicking is when soil trapped in carpet padding or subflooring moves to the tips of carpet fibers as it dries after cleaning. If you see particles “wicking’ to the surface of your carpet, that’s an indicator that the stain is still present below.



How Can I Get Rid of Carpet Stains For Good?

carbonated carpet cleaning short stop chem dryLuckily, Chem-Dry has developed a revolutionary approach to carpet cleaning that prevents wicking. Instead of using large amounts of soap and water with high pressure machines, we use the natural Power of Carbonation to lift stains to the surface of your carpet where they can be completely removed.

Much like club soda removes stains from clothes, our natural solution uses millions of tiny carbonated bubbles to penetrate deep below your carpet, break down stains, and gently lift them to the fiber’s surface.

Because these carbonated bubbles handle so much of the work, we don’t need to use harsh equipment and soapy solutions like steam cleaners do. Our cleaner contains no soaps or detergents. This drastically decreases the likelihood of repeat stains. Plus, our process is safe for your family and the environment, too! We use ⅕ the amount of water as our competitors, meaning your carpets will dry in just 1-2 hours with limited risk of mold and mildew growth!



Trust Short Stop Chem-Dry for Your Stain Removal Needs

We’ve invested time and research into providing new cleaning solutions that are more effective in your home and safer for your family, pets and the local environment.

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