Develop A Family Cleaning Schedule - Short Stop Chem-Dry

Whether you live with your significant other, roommates, or you manage a busy household of children and pets, it’s not easy to keep your place clean. Floors need to be swept, beds need to be made, and dishes need to be done. Delegation is an important thing to remember in these situations. Your children can have pride in their personal belongings and living space by keeping it clean themselves.. Here’s how to do it in a few easy and simple steps—no ‘period of adjustment’ required.

Get Your Toddlers Involved (It’s Never Too Early!)

With a clean and healthy home, comes a happy home – no matter how quiet and serene or loud and hectic your home may be. It can seem like a daunting task to get a toddler to clean their room. Use their never-ending energy to our advantage! Implement a ‘one small chore’ rule on a daily basis.Teach your kids to be responsible for one small chore, such as tidying up their bed or putting away their toys after playing with them, and you’ll quickly see the amount of time you save yourself.

Implement a Reward System

It’s a psychological fact – everyone could use a reason to stay on track. Gather some markers, and a large sheet of cardboard or whiteboard. Make a list of the chores each week that you need done and assign each family member’s name to a few of those chores. Just make sure to keep the chores age-appropriate. Your goal is, after all, to have each child feel good about themselves. We don’t want them to get frustrated because the task at hand is too difficult to complete.

Together as a family, think about either personal or team rewards for completing a week’s worth of chores. Maybe your kids want to get a burger from their favorite restaurant. Maybe you can all go bowling as a family. This kind of reward system will give you a family that cleans together, sticks together, and makes happy memories together!

Turn it Over to the Professionals

While daily chores are vital to your home cleanliness, so is the occasional professional deep clean. Whether it’s your carpets, tile, or upholstered furniture that needs cleaning, Short Stop Chem-Dry understands your needs. Get help from professional technicians you can trust here in Detroit’s surrounding areas.