These 10 Dirty Things You Touch Everyday Might Surprise YouNo one likes to touch dirty things or expose themselves to germs and bacteria. However, you might be touching more dirty things than you imagined every single day. Here’s a list of 10 of the dirtiest things you use all of the time.


It’s estimated that the average dollar bill touches about 14,000 sets of hands in its lifetime. It’s no surprise that cash can carry pathogens, bacteria, and even traces of drugs. Maybe this grossness is the real reason credit cards have become so popular? There’s no need to shun money, but you should consider sanitizing your hands afterward. 


If each dollar bill carries germs, just think about how germy your wallet must be. Your wallet probably goes everywhere with you, and it will pick up germs from all of those places. You should wipe your wallet down with a sanitizing wipe right now. 


Something else that a lot of people touch every day is a shopping cart. Yeah, groceries stores often provide a wipe to wipe them down before use, but how many people actually do that? It turns out you should! Because shopping carts are in contact with so many people’s hands and are pushed around different foods all day, almost all of them are contaminated. While we’re at it, this is one of the reasons you need to wash your fruit and veggies before you eat them too, as you touch your cart and then touch them. 


Most people are guilty of never cleaning their furniture beyond picking up clutter and maybe vacuuming crumbs. This means that germs from your pet’s paws, your shoes, and that time you were sick and laid on the couch all day are all living in your furniture.  Plus, upholstery acts as an air filter, catching dust, allergens, and dirt from your air. The average sofa is filled with harmful allergens and bacteria that only professional cleaning methods can remove.


The crevices in a keyboard are the perfect hiding places for germs, bacteria, and crumbs. In fact, most computer keyboards contain bacteria, yeast, and mold. You may consider sanitizing your keyboard and stopping eating while you’re on the computer.


Most people hardly put their phones down—even to use the bathroom. As a result, our cell phones are infested with a variety of bacteria that can cause pneumonia, infections, food poisoning, and more! Did you know that the device glued to your hand probably contains 10 times more germs than the toilet seat in a public restroom? And to think that you put that up to your face! A sanitizing wipe every few days will make your cell phone much cleaner.  


You probably use your kitchen sponge to clean dirty dishes every day. And yet, do you ever clean the sponge?  A recent study found that kitchen sponges contain about 10 million bacteria per square inch—which equates to 200,000 more than the average toilet seat! Dish towels are scary, too. Another study found that towels were actually filthier (meaning E Coli and Salmonella infested) than any other surface tested. Yikes. Regularly switch out your towels and wash them in a rotation.


We often think of our kitchen sink as a clean place. The truth is, the kitchen sink is actually worse than the bathroom. This makes sense when considering how much raw food and other gunk is rinsed down the drain. A recent study concluded that almost half of kitchen sinks contain coliform bacteria (a family of bacteria that includes Salmonella and E Coli). Next time you wash your dishes, give your sink a good cleaning too! 


The next time you reach for the remote to turn on the tv, think about just how often you touch the remote– and how it’s never been cleaned.  While remote controls in our homes are bad enough, the ones in hotel rooms are even worse—with more than 13 times the maximum acceptable level of bacteria per cubic center allowed in hospitals. Most of these items can be cleaned really fast with cleaning wipes.


When you’re in the middle of making a meal you might not think twice about grabbing something out of the fridge without washing your hands first, even though you might have been handling raw meat, eggs, or other sources of dangerous pathogens. It’s time to sanitize your fridge handle and be more on top of washing your hands during food prep. 


Think about it—when you’re done brushing your teeth, your toothbrush probably sits there wet overnight. This constant moisture creates a breeding ground for bacteria that can cause illnesses like meningitis. Plus, while you may think your toothbrush and its holder are far enough from the toilet to be safe from fecal germs, the fact is, everything within a 6 foot radius can be contaminated when a toilet is flushed with the seat up. This is one of the reasons why you should replace your toothbrush every few months. 


The best thing that you do to stay healthy in this world full of germs is to keep clean! Wash your hands often, clean and sanitize the items you use every day, and call in the professional cleaners to take care of your upholstery and carpets.