how to keep your area rugs looking greatYou buy a beautiful rug for your home. It matches your decor perfectly and exactly fills up that awkward bare space on the floor. However, you have it for only a few months and notice it’s already starting to look dingy. You realize that it’s in an area where a lot of people walk every day so it gathers a lot of dirt and wear. What do you do? Do you just resign to having to buy a new rug every few months? No! You just follow our guidelines to keeping your rugs looking great!

Choose the Right Rug

If you’re needing to replace your old rug or just buying a new rug, take the time to pick a rug that will hold up and not get dirty quickly. A medium shade or multicolored rug will show less dirt than a light color rug. You also need to think about material. Especially in high traffic areas, the type of rug you choose can make a huge difference in how long it will last.  Nylon and wool carpets are often great choices for rugs, as they offer a very durable material that can withstand heavy traffic without tearing or wearing out. Avoid delicate materials and fringe, if possible, as they will tear and wear thin quickly. 

Stop Dirt at the Door

One of the best ways to protect your rugs is to reduce the amount of dirt and moisture that enters the home. The easiest way to do this is to put a mat inside and outside of each entrance to your home and use them to wipe off your shoes before walking on your rugs. You can even take it a step further and require that shoes be taken off at the door. Be sure to clean these mats as needed or they will fail to serve their purpose.

Vacuum Often

Dirt and soil settle into rug fibers, making them look dirty. Did you know that these particles can also work as little saws, breaking down your carpet fibers? To prevent this, be sure to vacuum your rugs regularly. If your vacuum is adjustable, be sure to set it at a height appropriate for your rug to avoid damaging it. 

Rotate Regularly 

If you notice that one side of your rug starts to look dirtier than the other (which happens often, especially if one side is next to furniture or another walkway), you need to rotate your rugs. This will help ensure that each side gets equal wear, so that one side isn’t pristine while the other is dirty. A rectangle rug can just be completely flipped. If you have a square rug, rotate it clockwise once and rotate it in that same direction every time. If your rug is a circle, rotate it about a quarter clockwise. This will ensure that you’re rotating through each side equally.

Treat Stains

Areas that are subject to a lot of traffic are also more likely to experience spills and accidents.  If a spill does occur, be sure to take immediate action in cleaning the area.  Use a damp white rag to blot up spills. The sooner you take action, the less likely the spill will soak into the rug and leave a stain.  It is also beneficial to have a professional protectant applied to your rugs as well to make clean up even easier.

Call in the Experts

Many times, all of this won’t be enough and your rug will still get stained or start to look dirty. Don’t worry; just call in the rug cleaning experts. Here at Short Stop Chem-Dry, our technicians are trained in handling almost every rug out there, from delicate oriental rugs to rugs with long fringe. We can treat virtually any stain and get your rugs looking as good as new. The best care for your rug is a combination of daily maintenance and professional treatment.