5 Benefits Of Professional Upholstery Cleaning Compared To DIY Methods

Jun 14, 2021 | Uncategorized

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For decades, Chem-Dry has led the industry for upholstery cleaning in Shelby, Michigan. This service is not only essential for helping your home look its best, but also helps ensure your space is as healthy and safe as possible.


Do-it-yourself methods may be your go-to, but there are a few key factors that make it essential to implement professional upholstery cleaning


Don’t get us wrong—keeping up with routine maintenance on your own does matter. But keep in mind these crucial benefits that are unique to Chem-Dry. 


#1 – Chem-Dry helps protect your furniture. 


While cleaning your furniture is important, Chem-Dry takes it a step further. We add a specially formulated fabric protectant that shields and protects your upholstery fibers so they can better repel liquid, dirt, and stains. 


#2 – Chem-Dry removes dust and allergens from upholstery. 


Chem-Dry is proud to offer a healthy option for upholstery cleaning in Shelby, Michigan. With our unique method, we remove  allergens from carpet and upholstery plus airborne dust. 


#3 – Chem-Dry eliminates dirt and residue from upholstery.


Traditional upholstery cleaning methods leave behind soapy, sticky residue that attracts dirt and stains. Chem-Dry’s carbonated cleaning method not only blasts away dirt, but any leftover residue, too. And we won’t leave behind any more through the process. 


#4 – Chem-Dry furniture cleaning uses less moisture. 


Chem-Dry uses a small fraction of the moisture compared to other methods. Because of this, your furniture will dry in just a matter of hours—not days like with other furniture cleaners. This is more convenient, and also helps reduce or eliminate the risk of mold and mildew growth in your furniture.


#5 – Chem-Dry upholstery cleaning is non-toxic and green certified. 


Our upholstery cleaning service uses less moisture and is safe for your family and the local environment. We’re proud to offer green certified, non-toxic upholstery cleaning. 


Upholstery Cleaning In Shelby, Michigan 


To put it simply, Chem-Dry upholstery cleaning is the best service money can buy. We look forward to serving you! 


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