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“5***** Very friendly, efficient. Cleaned carpets thoroughly, getting out a spot that has been there for quite awhile. Highly recommend!”

Linda P.

Harrison Twp, MI

“5 Stars!!! Awesome team. Prompt, friendly, knowledgeable, and fast. Nice thorough job and carpets look and smell so nice. Have used you for years and will continue to do so.”

Angela C.

Harrison Twp, MI

“Well after the age old battle of skunk versus dog…skunk wins again. My heroes at Short Stop Chem-Dry came through for me in an instant. They didn’t hesitate to squeeze me in to their busy schedule today when I needed them the most. I will always use and recommend Cheryl and her team at Short Stop Chen Dry.”

Susan H.

Warren, MI

“I am very pleased with your services! The ladies did a fantastic job and my furniture came out beautiful! I’ll be back.”

Dawn K.

Trenton, MI

“Excellent service. Prompt reply when scheduling appointment, very courteous and the girls that cleaned our carpets did an excellent job removing tough stains. I paid more for quality results and service. Thank you very much to Cheryl and her staff!”

Cheryl C.

“Thank you so much! Very professional and friendly. The carpets look brand new, and the couch and chair are so clean! I would recommend to everyone!”

Larry and Irene K.

Clinton Twp, MI

“They did an awesome job, and great customer service!!”

Kristen J.

“Carpets were in rough shape. After the cleaning, they looked almost brand new! Wish I had taken before and after pictures! Incredible!”

Claudia S.

“Just had my carpets cleaned today, they look beautiful. Dried in two hours, ladies were very friendly and professional. Thank you!”

Dawn G.

Warren, MI

“Thank you Short Stop Chem-Dry for coming out and cleaning our furniture and carpet!! Your whole house professional attention to detail was awesome. With our older dog having an ‘accident’ on our carpet I thought for sure it would have to be replaced. Your plan of action to sanitize and deodorize paid off and the carpet is like brand new!! Beyond pleased with our experience and your professionalism. We will definitely recommend you and have you back again!!”

Abe S.

Detroit, MI

“Thank you so much for the AMAZING job. I have 4 pets and 3 kids and my carpet looks new again!”

Lisa M.

Macomb, MI

“Great service!! Quick, professional and honest. We are customers for life!”

Timothy J.

Clinton Twp, MI

“Exceptional group that did a great job cleaning the carpets. They were also extremely responsive to a situation out of our control”

Kathy T.


“This review is LONG overdue, my extremely busy life has had me delayed. However, I feel it’s fitting to give credit where credit is due (better late than never right?). Chem Dry Short Stop did a FANTASTIC job cleaning my carpets. You truly get what you pay for, don’t go with the competitor who may have less expensive rates – lesson learned here as I ended up calling Chem Dry. Totally wish I would have went with them to begin with. Our carpets were stained in color and smell of dog urine when our dog decided to start marking in our home out of nowhere. Being a clean freak/germaphobe in addition to having nieces and nephews over who trail our home from furniture to floor, I was devastated! Not only was Chem Dry professional, but they were quick and they certainly do impressive work. I will never trust my carpets to any other company again and will always kindly share my experience with others looking for a carpet cleaning company. Totally impressed!”

Jessica Y.

Clinton Twp, MI

“Service was great! I was totally satisfied with the outcome. My carpet was heavily soiled and Short Stop Chem-Dry restored it, i would recommend them to anyone who wants the job done right the first time!!”

Meka H.

Clinton Twp, MI

“5 star – two professional hard working women – I love it. All stains removed, smells great and dried in 2 hours. Perfect!”

Rosalie K.

Clinton Twp, MI

“We’ve had them come out twice and both times exceeded expectations! After puppy potty stains everywhere I finally have clean carpet again! Five stars!”

Jackie M.

Harrison Twp, MI

“Really happy with the 2 Chem-Dry rug deliverers. They helped move my kitchen table and put my rug pad and rug back in place! Couldn’t be nicer. My rotator cuff thanks them.”


“Hi Cheryl! I just spoke to you about having one room (21×14) of carpet cleaned. You mentioned the $200 minimum because we are ouf of area, you suggested that when you’re back in our area, possibly you could work me in for less. I saw your company work wonders with the carpeting from my niece’s home she was moving into in Taylor. I am fine to wait until you can accommodate me. Thank you.

Claudia D.

Allen Park, MI

“This is a nice company that can clean your carpet and remove the stains and odors with very little drying time. You don’t have to walk over wet carpets for hours. They usually dry within 2 hours. You can also have your sofas or chairs cleaned too. Get rid of dog or cat smells and enjoy a clean house.”

Mary Ann T.

Warren, MI

“Mike and Melanie did a great job on my mom’s carpeting on Thursday. It looks wonderful and smells delicious!”

Paulette C.

Warren, MI

“I’m so in awe of Cheryl at Short Stop Chem-Dry! I know that she works hard every day and is out there actually cleaning the carpets and drying out the water damage. For a single mom, it’s a hard balance working physically and managing a business. But Cheryl is a champ — that’s why she was chosen the Chem-Dry Rising Star for 2014! You will be so happy when she comes with her team to clean for you — spring is here!”

Shelly B.

“Short Stop Chem-Dry is a great company with a great business owner. I recommend Cheryl & her business!”

Mike W.

Macomb, MI

“Thank you, Short Stop Chem-Dry! My carpets look amazing, and I am really impressed with how you got out those nasty stains from so long ago!! I’ll be calling you back.”


Clinton Twp, MI

“After a mix-up of what day they were supposed to be here, they responded by sending 6 team members at 1pm and did a great job.”

Chip S.

Grosse Pointe, MI

“Short stop Chem Dry is the best in town hands down!!”

Mark M.

Harrison Twp, MI

“Cheryl runs a wonderful honest business and is one HARD working lady!! The Chem-Dry process is the best thing that is ever happened to our carpeting in our 28 yr. marriage! The carpets really DID look like NEW again (and everything smelled FRESH – not that awful detergent/wet carpet smell left behind by steam cleaning). We have had many different companies clean for us in the past but this experience was just extremely different – and MUCH better. We are confirmed Chem-Dry folks now – and will be using SHORT STOP to clean our carpets as long as they are around! Very thankful to have located them!”


Macomb, MI

“We were referred by Joe from The carpet Guys when we bought our new carpeting. Cheryl from Short Stop Chem Dry was very professional and helpful in so many ways. We are so happy that we were pointed in there direction. We will continue to use Short Stop and also refer our friends. Awesome service.”


Macomb, MI

“Thank you Short Stop Chem Dry for restoring my carpet. Your crew was professional, knowledgeable, clean, trustworthy and on time. Highly recommend to family and friends!”

Renee S.

Macomb, MI

“Prompt, professional service. Their $89 coupon special didn’t work for me (I have a cat) but they removed stains the prior cleaner couldn’t get out a couple years ago. Friendly & fast. Highly recommended – I will use them again.”

Debbie M.

Detroit, MI

“Just had my carpets cleaned by Short Stop Chem-Dry and I have to say they did an amazing job. Cheryl the owner is so professional but also very friendly. I love the time she spent concentrating on the stains in my carpet and getting them clean. My carpet looks brand new again. I have been getting my carpets cleaned for years but they have never looked this great. Thanks Short Stop you are awesome!!!”

Kelly S.

Clinton Twp, MI

“This is the third time I’ve used Short Stop Chem-Dry. They are fantastic! Great attention to detail, wiping down all the baseboard molding, paying special attention to any stains. The carpets looked great when they were done. I highly recommend them.”

Janice P.

Shelby Twp, MI

“David and Lorand did an outstanding job. Very pleased with the service AGAIN. I’ve been using SHORT-STOP Chem-Dry for the last five years and always have had great service. More importantly, my carpets look great. They really take their time. Can’t be happier with the service. Five stars across-the-board.”

Charlie T.

Shelby Twp, MI

“My carpeting and 26 stairs deserved the best and we were not disappointed!! The cleaning methodology produced phenomenal results–very happy with the results! From this day forward only Short Stop Chem-Dry for us! Loved the friendly team too!”

Verna H.

Macomb, MI

“Good afternoon ma’am. Just to give you heads up I stopped back by the store and spoke with the store manager and again they were extremely pleased with the outcome of the cleaning. Thank you so very much.”

Bill H.

Livonia, MI

“The carpet in all three bedrooms and the living room look great along with the couch and chair. I would highly recommend Chem-Dry!”

Darlene S.

Lincoln Park, MI

“Very friendly and professional service. The carpet looks GREAT!!!”


“Chem dry did such an amazing job on my carpet and upholstery! I can’t thank you guys enough and I wouldn’t want any other carpet cleaners!”

Susan H.

Macomb, MI

“If you ever need your carpets cleaned…Short Stop Chem Dry. A little more money due to the stains I had. But bam! All gone! OH MY GOSH!! Best carpet cleaning EVER! Will be dry in two hours. No bad chemicals. No steam pushing the dirt down. All green certified. Yay!! My carpets look so bright! Great for animals.”

Terry J.

“Cheryl and her crew of 2 came to our boat. The previous owner smoked heavily down in the cabin leaving a horrible mess. I have been scrubbing for two seasons with no prevail. Thank heavens for Cheryl! She chem-cleaned the ceiling, side walls and cloth seats in the berth. I must say – all looks BRAND NEW! *****I HIGHLY RECOMMEND anyone to use her company******* And to you Cheryl – thanks for the awesome job and the birthday gift!”

Marie L.

Grosse Pointe, MI

“Reliability! Got the job done quickly and expertly!”


“On time and nice people! Wonderful experience..I will be a returning customer. Thank you!”


“I have been using Chem-Dry for years! They are the only method of carpet cleaning that I allow in my house. My wife and I had Short Stop Chem Dry out to our house in Macomb County and we were amazed at their attention to detail and courteous, friendly workers. Our carpets have never ever looked better and I would recommend them to anyone! Thank you Cheryl!!”

Richard S.

Harrison Twp, MI

“Thank you to the girls at Short Stop Chem Dry! Our carpet looks great! This is our first time using Chem-Dry we thought our carpet might need to be replaced…we were so happy with the job you did and we no longer have to spend money on new carpet. We will recommend you to everyone!”

Angie V.

Harrison Twp, MI

“My husband was VERY impressed with the results after you were here in mid-June. (You & I talked for a while before you & your crew left – I was having a bridal shower for our daughter end of June – she was married mid-Aug. You may recall?). We really loved the way our carpet looked and smelled. (Our first experience w/ the Chem-Dry system). Thought we would do the same before Christmas & throw in an extra room.”


Macomb, MI

“Good morning, just had the wonderful ladies of Short Stop ChemDry out for the first time and I am glad I chose them. What a wonderful team of courteous, hard working women who do an awesome job. The price was fair and they don’t try to sell you services which you do not need. Thanks Cheryl and crew for a great job, the carpets look great!”


“Cheryl Pittiglio, your company rocks! The attention to detail of my house carpets and rugs is awesome this morning! It’s beginning to smell like a fresh spring day in here! I recommend you to all!”

Michelle D.

“Thank you for helping us with our kitty situation, you treated a large area in our family room with PURT, we waited a good month before calling back to say it really worked the odor is gone! We took your advice & purchased plastic runners the cats don’t like to walk on the pointy stuff.”

Mr. & Mrs. S.

Macomb, MI

“My carpet was awesome! You are the best we’ve ever had! Those spots were from Maui, our cat. I don’t want to let her out since it looks so good! Thank you again!”

Michelle C.

Shelby Twp, MI

“Hey, I used it today and it great! I love how it removes spots from spills from last night!”

Pat M.

Macomb County, MI

“This is the first time I used Short Stop Chem-Dry. They did such a fantastic job on my old carpet. I felt very comfortable with the cleaning crew. I would definitely recommend Short Stop Chem-Dry to my friends!”

Claire D.

Clinton Township, MI

“Your guys were great! I think they did a fantastic job, I was very impressed with them and definitely will refer you guys to anybody who many be looking for cleaning.”

Tara R.

“I called my husband when he got home to ask how the carpet looked. When he said “amazing” I thought he was being sarcastic. He assured me the carpet looked like new again! When I got home from work I was beyond happy with the results! Not only was the carpet beautiful but it felt dry when I walked on it in bare feet. Not the smelly damp, kind of slippery, almost slimy feel it always had with the other companies I have used in the past. Thanks so much to your team!”

Linda W.

Harrison Township, MI

“A wonderful Team and an awesome cleaning system. Thank you so much for the fine workmanship. All the best to you all!”


“Very happy with the people who did the job & the results, would be happy to recommend you!”

Theresa R.

Clinton Township, MI

“If you live out in Macomb County, Cheryl’s cleaning company does what they promise, especially dry on the carpet, and she has a product for Cat & Dog urine, that works! I saw the cleaning last Thursday, where a Steam cleaning system had stretched her carpet, and after she delivered her system took care of spots on the furniture, on high chairs the kids eat upon and heavy traffic areas…very reasonable priced! She offers a Protectant too…awesome for your health club, or dentist office, give her a TRY.”

Eric P.

Macomb, MI

“Thank you for cleaning our nursery today. It looks fabulous!”

Mary P.

Grosse Pointe, MI

“I have known Cheryl, the owner, for several years and she is so great to work with. She’s honest, cares about her customers and employees and the company does great cleaning work. I refer people to Short Stop Chem-Dry all the time. If you read their customer reviews you can see that they are a solid option.”

Garrett K.

“Goodbye Steemer hello Short Stop Chem-Dry. Cheryl, thank you for the amazing job you did cleaning our carpets and chairs. Stains came out. No watery mess. Our carpets were dry in a matter of hours. LOVE IT!”

Jennifer O.

Macomb, MI

“My carpeting looks so nice and clean. None of the stains are reappearing. Well worth it! Thank you.”

Nadine P.

Macomb, MI

“Wow, Melanie & Rachel were excellent. They gave me tip top service. They did a great job cleaning my items & in a very reasonable time frame. I look forward to having them handle my future needs!!”

Birt W.

Detroit, MI

“Great service!! Arrived on time and the carpets look amazing.”

Colleen G.

​”The crew did a very good job and I can no longer smell urine in my home.  I have installed a baby gate to keep the dogs from getting to the carpet and remarking the area. I am pleased that my back room doesn’t smell anymore and my husband isn’t screaming about the odor as soon as he walks in the door at night.”

Dawn L.

Harrison Township, MI

“Another great job by Short Stop Chem Dry. Professional, on time, efficient, and affordable! Carpet looks great! Thanks so much Cheryl!!!”

Scott P.

“Great Service! A1 Cleaning with a fresh sent and a Awesome Group of Ladies!”
Lucrecia D.

“We are always so pleased with your company. I was insisting, to my husband that we needed new carpeting. After your company’s visit I am happy to say we can spend money on something other than carpet. Bentley thanks you, too! His elderly “sister” had a few accidents on his rug and now that you’ ve visited, he can lay on his rug!! No doggie smells!! We truly, thank you!”

Darwin G.

“Excellent job, very professional and friendly, I will definitely use this company again”

Cynthia J.

“Punctual, excellent review of cleaning options, very complete and candid. Very professional. Rooms look and smell great!”

Donald R.

“Nice to have workers that can talk and work at the same time. Thanks much ladies for being so friendly and we love the carpet!”

Wendy L.

“We had Short Stop use their Chem-dry process on our living room carpet. We were thrilled with the result. Carpet looks like new. The service team was friendly, cordial and efficient. We highly recommend this company.”

James T.

“Simply terrific! Extreme attention to detail and beautiful results! Would highly recommend. Very, very satisfied.”

Mary H.

Grosse Pointe Woods, MI

“It was a pleasure doing business with your Chem-Dry company and my carpet looks great! Thanks again and I will pass your phone number along.”

Sue F.

Macomb, MI

“Had my carpet cleaned today by shortstop Chem-Dry and both of the ladies that came out to my home were absolutely wonderful! I am very happy with the results of all of the stain removal and how the carpeting looks. The carpeting looks brand New for 15 year-old carpeting.I would highly recommend shortstop Chem-Dry for any of those out there looking for a carpet cleaning company. Thank you again.”

Karen T.

“Very nice, thorough, and professional.”

Marisa B.

“We have had Cheryl and her team clean the carpets several times between our house and my parents’ house, and we are ALWAYS highly satisfied. They do a fabulous job and the carpets always look great afterwards! Having kids, there are some stains (especially with our 14 y/o very light carpeting) that will never come out fully, no matter what the treatment. However with Short Stop Chem-Dry, the carpets look far cleaner and stay that way far longer than any other cleaning service we’ve tried. Just when we think we have no other choice but to rip it all out and buy new, Cheryl’s team comes in and saves the day again! Wonderful staff, wonderful service! We couldn’t recommend them more fully :)”

Lisa P.

“Quick, professional and carpets smell and look great.”

Christa B.

“Cheryl is awesome. She exceeded my expectations. She took the time to explain the process. She was professional and even called ahead to let me know she would be arriving in 15 minutes. This lady knows her stuff. My carpet, hallway, and stairs are clean and smell wonderful with no sticky wet residue. Plus everything was dry in 2 hours!!! The cost is very reasonable and well worth it. I will definitely recommend Short Stop Chem-Dry to my family and friends. Cheryl, you have a customer for life.”

LaVanda G.

“Very nice & professional. I was very satisfied with the results of the carpets & the work that was done. I would definitely recommend.”

Meredith M.

“Very pleasant, friendly, and efficient.”

Stephanie M.

“Best carpet cleaners around! I never thought they would be able to make our carpets look like new. We have 3 cats, 2 dogs and 4 kids!! You can imagine how destroyed carpet and furniture can get with that kind of use. They came out and gave us a quote…I was skeptical because it seemed kinda low. But since they assured me that they had the best product for pet stains around we went for it. I was expecting a major bump in the price when all was said and done, but they stayed true to their quote and my house looked unbelievable when they were finished. Great price, quality service and very professional. I would HIGHLY recommend Cheryl and her crew at Short Stop Chem-Dry!!!”

Gracie B.

“I recommend Short Stop Chem-Dry to all my friends and family. The cleaning experience is just amazing and quite different than the soaking wet process we were used to. Cheryl and her crew have an eye for detail and the prices are quite reasonable. They specialize in pet urine damage. Call Short Stop first.”

Melanie C.

Macomb, MI

Amazing!!! With two kids and two dogs our small house with carpet can get very dirty. I have tried to find a good carpet cleaning company for years now and I don’t think I’ll ever switch to anyone else! Prices are definitely higher than your basic carpet cleaner but it’s worth it!! My carpet looks brand. Cheryl and her helper were awesome and super friendly!

Julie B.

Roseville, MI

I was so pleased with this carpet cleaning service that I had to comment. From the initial contact (a quickly returned callback) I could tell that there was energy and enthusiasm coming from the owner. Since the Chem-Dry process is the only one I feel works with pets and rugs, I was very pleased to find them in my area because the other franchises no longer exist. They cleaned a number of sizable area rugs and our basement carpet, and everything looks and smells fantastic! They actually moved furniture out of the way which hasn’t happened with any other national cleaning service I’ve used in the past! Wow! The price was comparable to a company having cleaned several rooms- giving me a price break instead of charging per area rug as other companies do. Fantastic! They called ahead of time and actually came earlier than their estimated time which freed up my afternoon. I’m very happy today to wake up to a clean home!! Thank you, Short Stop!

Jill B.

Grosse Pointe, MI

“Thanks Cheryl​ & crew​. Our carpets and couch turned out better than expected! Melanie and Mike did a great job!”

Scotty P.

Clinton Twp, MI

Wow!! Just wow!! Short Stop Chem-Dry did an amazing job on my puppy stained carpet! I was super impressed with their knowledge of the chemicals and how Cheryl was able to answer all my questions!

Stephanie H.

“Thanks so much for everything. I can’t believe how well the couch came out we though it was beyond cleaning. We are thrilled after 10+ years in the basement how clean it looks. Thanks again, looking forward to getting our rug back.”

Dom & Jen D.

Harrison Twp, MI

“As a “do it all” DIY male, it was well worth every penny for this fabulous service. Short Stop’s Chem-Dry Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning not only saved my back, but also money wasted on useless and ineffective methods. The natural green products give you peace of mind your carpets are not a chemical toxic mess afterwards. You literally feel the cleanliness in your home!”


“Just a note to let that great team that cleaned my carpets Monday know what a GREAT job they did. Even the cats are happy. Thanks again.”

Debby S.

Macomb, MI

“I heard that everyone at the Village Rehab is just thrilled with the job you guys did. Not only do they love the look of the carpet now but they were extremely impressed with the professionalism of your staff. I actually have another Client in Warren who is in desperate need of carpet cleaning. Thanks so much!”

Barb S.

Macomb, MI

“Cheryl thanks to you & your crew. They did an awesome job on my furniture and carpets everything looked & smelled new again! I had another company before you the carpet was left wet and the pet stains looked the same. I highly recommend your cleaning company. Carpet was dry when I got home and the stains were gone. Well worth it. Thanks again Short Stop Chem Dry.”

Mark M.

Harrison Twp, MI

“I would definitely recommend Short Stop Chem-Dry for your furniture cleaning needs. I have two twenty-year old off-white love seats that needed cleaning. There was a lot of yellowing due to nicotine. This is the first time I had these cleaned, and they turned out awesome! Another company would not even touch them because the off-white color was iffy. The products Chem-Dry uses are so eco friendly, and my furniture smells great & didn’t get soaked. Their staff were courteous and informative. Thank you for giving me wonderful-looking love seats again!!”

Bonnie B.

St. Clair Shores, MI

“Thank you Short Stop Chem Dry!! I have a wool rug in my kitchen & one in my family room.  You can only imagine the one in my kitchen under the table where everyone eats; the other rug was pretty bad with a sick kitty staying with me. I was totally thinking of replacing them cause they were that bad. When I first had them cleaned by Hagopian it was just OK – now they are totally clean & like new!! I really wish I had a before picture because the after is fabulous!!  Thank you to the girls at Short Stop Chem-Dry for a fabulous Christmas present: my area rugs look brand new!!”

Linda M.

Macomb Township, MI

“I found Short Stop’s ad through a Valpak ad & needed some cleaning services. She was very responsive to my call, the cleaning was excellent and done in a very timely fashion at a very reasonable price. I would be pleased to recommend her to anyone looking to have their carpet or upholstery cleaned.”

Jan B.

Macomb, MI

“HIGHLY RECOMMEND! Great Service and results! I’ve had the team to clean my carpet several times now and am always pleased with the results. They are prompt courteous and great at resolving carpet issues related to reoccurring pet stains. I would have had to buy new carpet by now if it wasn’t for them!”

Diane W.

“I was skeptical at first until I read the reviews so I gave him a try and didn’t regret it. Short Stop Chem-Dry is a great company to get your carpet cleaned by, they work with environmentally friendly cleaning products they are courteous hardworking, and try to get the best results for your carpet. If you’re thinking about another cleaning service for your carpets please put them on your list.”

Abdur H.

“I am the owner of The Carpet Guys, LLC – My company sells and installs new carpet and flooring all over Macomb County, and the Metro Detroit Area in lower Michigan. It is recommended to professionally clean your new carpets at least once per year in order to maintain a full factory warranty. Since we installed new carpeting in almost 1000 homes last year of which 2/3 of them were in Macomb County, we have a lot of people asking us where to have their new carpet cleaned. We ONLY recommend one company and that is Short Stop Chem-Dry. Cheryl is great and her staff always does a really great job. The people at Short Stop are friendly and work very hard to ensure complete customer satisfaction. Everyone always has great things to say about their experience with Short Stop Chem Dry.”

The Carpet Guys, LLC

Macomb County, MI

“Dave made a complete assessment before starting then extra care was taken by both of them regarding furniture, drapery, etc. I was getting it cleaned one last time before replacing with hardwood because the carpet is 16 years old but your techs did such an amazing job we are keeping the carpet. Thank you for sending the right people.”


“Love the fresh smell in my house and the stain free carpets! Awesome carpet cleaning company owned by my good friend Cheryl! What would I do without you? Recommend to all!”

Michelle D.

Macomb County, MI

“My carpets are 15 years old and I have a golden doodle who is aging with bladder and other non mentionable stains on my carpet. I have used other companies who promised me that the stains and the odor will be steamed out and gone forever, only to still smell and see stains after the carpet dried. Well, I looked in the yellow pages for carpet cleaners that promise pet stain and odor removal and came across Short Stop Chem-Dry… being at a desperate state, I hired them….. I can’t not tell you how nice my carpet turned out!! I have never seen my carpet so clean!!! and the smell it gone!!! Please trust me, i have been through many “promising” cleaning companies and only one has delivered what they advertise… If you have pets…..and they have accidents…. it’s worth every penny!!”

Martha H.

Clinton Township, MI

“Absolutely impeccable service and cleaning! I will never call another service but Short Stop Chem-Dry!”

L. Randall

“I am very pleased with the workmanship and the people that were here. They were friendly, polite, and professional. The furniture and rug look brand new! I would not hesitate to recommend Short Stop Chem Dry to anyone and everyone. Thank you!”


“I’ve used this service for many years for my home and rentals. Always a beautiful job and professional experience. I recommend Chem-Dry carpet and upholstery cleaning to all my family and friends around the country. If you’re in Macomb Township, MI then Short Stop Chem-Dry is the one for you.”


“We had Chem-Dry out to clean our carpeting last week. It was our first time using your company. There were several high traffic areas that made the carpet look worn out and we had many red wine stains from a guest that spilled a carafe. We cannot believe how beautiful the carpeting looks. The high traffic areas don’t look so worn anymore and the wine stains are completely gone. You ladies ROCK!!”

Peggie P.

Sterling Heights, MI

“Wanted to leave a comment right after you and your team came to clean our carpets. You do a super thorough job and I highly recommend you to anyone who wants to have the best carpet cleaners come to there home. I have used carpet cleaners for years and never had such great service. You came when you said you would, you and the other ladies are very personable, you listened closely to where the problem areas are, moved furniture, and the carpets look great! I will definitely want you to come back again!”

Debbie G.

Macomb, MI

“I’ve used this service for many years for my home and rentals. Always a beautiful job and professional experience. I recommend Chem-Dry carpet and upholstery cleaning to all my family and friends around the country. If you’re in Macomb or Wayne County then Short Stop Chem-Dry is the one for you.”

John H.

Bellingham Carpet Cleaning

“Called the Short Stop out because of their name, thinking they would be quick and make it clean! Great job! Great results! I’ll call them back again and again! Thanks!”

Jon R.

“Great crew who did a fantastic job. Price was also very reasonable.”


“I just had Chem-dry out and my carpets look brand new. Chem-dry has been cleaning my carpet for the past 13 years and I totally believe you get what you pay for. My house smells wonderful and my carpets will be dry within a couple hours!”

Debra K.

Macomb, MI

“I wanted to thank you for your crew’s integrity. They came out & detected excessive water in my new homes carpets and turned down the cleaning job. We have since investigated the problem and will be replacing the carpet. I have no doubt a less reputable company would have taken the job and my money without letting us know we even had a problem to resolve. When the time comes for carpet/furniture cleaning I will be contacting you and your team.”

Matthew M.

Macomb, MI

“Cheryl and crew did an awesome job on my furniture and carpets they looked brand new! I highly recommend them. Well worth it, thanks again Short Stop Chem Dry.”


“Just got my carpets cleaned by Short Stop Chem-Dry and they turned out awesome! It was amazing to see all the stains disappear. I highly recommend especially if you have pets. Looks brand new! Thanks Cheryl!!”

Kelly C.

Macomb, MI

“Two phenomenal spirits came and the ladies cleaned my carpeting and stairs like no other company has ever done, vacuuming every nook and cranny, cleaning and sanitizing and dried in less than 3 hours! The personalities and competencies of this team was a TEN PLUS! Sitting and enjoying the view and aroma of my delightful carpet cleaning results room by room! Thanks again!”


Macomb County, MI

“Had the girls from Short Stop Chem-Dry yesterday out to clean my carpet and they did an excellent job!!! I will recommend them to all my friends and family.”

Suzanne T.

Shelby Twp, MI

“We were very pleased with your carpet cleaning service! The carpet dried quickly. I didn’t think that spot would come out, but it looks great!”

Mary Jane H.

Macomb, MI

“Wanted to thank the Short Stop Chem Dry Team… Had them out today to clean my carpets and furniture. I must say you really get what you pay for!! I have had carpets cleaned a few other times and they have NEVER looked this good! Everything looks and smells great! Thanks Again… Highly Recommend!!”

Eric O.

Shelby Twp, MI

“Hey, the carpet that you cleaned for me today looks fabulous! Didn’t think the bedroom carpet could look that good! Thank you so much! You’re a peach CP!!”

Lynn P.

Madison Heights, MI

“We love working with Cheryl and her team at Short Stop Chem-Dry. We have worked with her for several years and she has always been great to work, honest, respectful and very helpful. Cheryl does great work and always puts her customers first. Highly recommended!”


“Thanks Cheryl and Laurie! You did a wonderful job today on my very, very dirty carpeting. Winter was so hard on our home. We dragged in so much dirt even though we tried not too. Thanks for getting us ready for the holidays.”

Syma E.

Shelby Twp, MI

“Got carpets cleaned at home Saturday by Short Stop Chem Dry – I highly recommend them. They did a FANTASTIC job. Carpet looks like new and smells great too.”


Washington Twp, MI

“WOW my carpet looks like brand new! I have had several carpet cleaning companies over the years and this is definitely the result I was looking for! Chem dry doesn’t just come in and steam your carpet they actually scrub it! It feels, smells, and looks like new! I would highly recommend Chem dry!! Thank you!”

Marissa M.

Macomb, MI

“We love working with Cheryl and her team at Short Stop Chem-Dry. We have worked with her for several years and she has always been great to work with, honest, respectful and very helpful. Cheryl does great work and always puts her customers first. Highly recommended!”

Rachel C.

“The carpet at our business is all dry and it looks really good. You did a good job!”

K. Rose

Sterling Heights, MI

“This was my first time using Chem-Dry and I cannot even begin to say how pleased I was, not only were they prompt but they called when they were on their way, very professional, and thorough. (my carpeting came out perfect), I could not believe you were able to remove 14 year old dog urine stains on my couch as well, no other cleaners were able to do it!! I am not easy to impress and I never write reviews but this was such a good experience, I want to spread the word to future customers.”


Macomb, MI

“Thank you for doing an amazing job on our whole house!! It looks and smells awesome. Feel like we have brand new carpet now!!”

Renee S.

Harrison Township, MI

“Very friendly, efficient. Cleaned carpets thoroughly, getting out a spot that has been there for quite awhile. Highly recommend this carpet cleaner!!”

Linda P.

Harrison Twp. MI

“​Perfect!  It dried great.  Thanks again.  It feels like a new house…. smells are gone”
Candice M.

Macomb, MI

“Very great job. I would recommend to anyone and they will be only company I use thank you so much. Cathy and Melanie from short stop chemdry are the best.”
Nick W.

“Timely and professional. Went above and beyond getting additional wine stain out of my carpets today!”

Jennifer F.

“Great customer service, quick to quote and fit you in! And they did an amazing job!”

Krystal T.

“Very knowledgeable company. They cleaned 2 large area rugs for us. They picked the rugs up for us. They were finished when they said actually sooner. They delivered them to us I was very pleased with my carpets. Especially since one was very badly stained from are dog. It looked beautiful when she rolled it out. There price was very reasonable especially since they had a little extra work to do on one of them. Very friendly company I would recommend them to anyone who needs this type of work done.”

Rose L.

Short Spot; You say what you do and do what you say. Old saying but very true in your case. I own a few retail businesses for nearly 49 years. We have always lived by that. And if for some reason a client feels it’s not right, we see to it to make it right. This company I’m sure feel like that. The gal and guy that complicated the job were not only good, but very careful. I thank you.

Sincerely, Larry Ode , Auto Repair & Tire of Warren Mi.

“Who would have thought my mattress could be cleaned and sanitized?! Best sleep since it was cleaned!”

Michelle D.

“This place was top notch 5 Star awesomeness! Melanie, Rachel and Mike were the best! My stains were ALL removed! Never did three other companies even come close! And it was dried in two hours! Highly recommend this team from Chem Dry of Clinton Township! ❤️ Thanks for a beautiful professional first rate job once again!”

Marilyn W.

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