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If your carpets are starting to look a little run down or have picked up various stains over the years, we can help! There are a lot of average steam cleaners in Shelby Township, but you want the superior cleaning power of Short Stop Chem-Dry!

We have put over 40 years of research, development, and constant improvement into our unique carpet cleaning method and have many satisfied customers in the Shelby Township area to prove it. Don’t settle for less for your carpets.Call Short Stop Chem-Dry today to schedule your appointment and get cleaner carpets! Get your free price estimate today! 

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On time courteous and did a thorough job of cleaning my entire home. Carpets are spotless and they look great. They made sure to get the most ground in dirt out of the heavily trafficked areas. I will definitely use them again for my carpet cleaning needs.

Michelle B.

Shelby Township

Super Awesome! Cheryl and Dalton make a perfect team. Cheryl knows her stuff and Dalton is her youngest Son. Together they make the perfect team. I will never ever use those wand people that flood water into my carpet. Cheryl is very nice to talk with and so is her son, Dalton. They know animals very well and the mess they can make. My whole house smells so good. My carpet is immaculate. I will schedule them for twice a year.

Leonard L.

Shelby Township

Will only use them from now on! Super knowledgeable, very informative on what the process is and how it works. Very personable and honest! My carpet looks and smells amazing. Awesome job. Will definitely use them again.

Judi C.

Shelby Township

carpet cleaning shelby mi

Drier, Cleaner, Healthier

You probably know that steam cleaners clean carpets by pumping tons of water into the carpets and then attempting to extract it all with their equipment. You may also know that this usually leaves your carpet sopping wet for days before it dries. At Short Stop Chem-Dry, we use 80% less water, which allows your carpets to dry much faster. Plus, soaking carpets are the perfect breeding ground for mold and mildew, which you don’t have to worry about with quick-drying carpets! Additionally, we don’t use any dirt-attracting soap, which can actually cause your carpets to soil again quicker after a cleaning. That all adds up to a superior carpet cleaning that is drier, cleaner, and healthier for you, your family, and your home in Shelby Township.

Green Carpet Cleaning

We don’t need soaps, detergents, or any harsh chemicals to get our great cleaning results (like some other carpet cleaners in Shelby Township do). The ingredients used in our cleaner are copied from Mother Nature herself. The harsh soaps that other carpet cleaners in Shelby Township use often leave behind a sticky residue that attracts dirt and grime, making them dirtier faster. On the other hand, our cleaning solutions are innovative and designed to resist soiling for a longer period of time, meaning that you don’t need to get your carpets cleaned nearly as often. In Shelby Township, MI the trusted cleaning power of our tried and true solutions creates a powerful reaction that deep cleans carpet in a gentle way that is safe for our families and the environment.

Superior Service

You don’t get over 250 reviews on Google with an average of 4.8 stars without offering exceptional service. All of our carpet cleaners are trained experts in the art of taking care of all different types of carpets and rugs. We understand that there are different types of carpeting out there and will work with you to find the right cleaning solution for your home. We take pride in seeing our customers happy with their cleaned carpets. We’re not here to take your money and offer a sub-standard cleaning job. We want you to love your carpets and so we work hard to make sure that you’re satisfied with the results. What other carpet cleaners in Shelby Township can truly say that?

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Chem-Dry products safe for my kids and pets?
All of the ingredients in Chem-Dry’s primary cleaner, The Natural, are on the F.D.A.’s G.R.A.S. (Generally Recognized as Safe) list and are safe for your carpets, home, family, and the environment. The Natural is free from harsh chemicals and concentrated soaps.
How long will it take for my carpet to dry completely?
Drying time depends on humidity levels, airflow to the room(s) cleaned, and the type of carpet. In general, turning on your air conditioning or fans will help accelerate dry times. After a professional cleaning, it typically takes 1-2 hours for the carpet to dry. Sometimes carpets can take longer to dry for various reasons.
Why does Chem-Dry not use as much water to clean my carpets as steam cleaning does?
Short Stop Chem-Dry uses up to 80% less water than typical steam cleaning because its carbonated cleaner, The Natural, relies on millions of microscopic bubbles to release dirt and grime from the fibers of your carpet and raise it to the surface where it can easily be suctioned away. This low water, low pressure approach is healthier for your carpets, allows your carpets to dry in only 1-2 hours and is also more environmentally friendly.

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