Professional Carpet Cleaning in Warren, MI and the surrounding areas

Professional Carpet Cleaning in Warren, MI


Get the best carpet cleaning in Warren, MI at unbeatable prices with Short Stop Chem-Dry. As a top carpet cleaning company in the area, we take pride in providing exceptional service and delivering amazing results. Our highly-trained technicians and state-of-the-art equipment ensure that your carpets and upholstered furniture receive a deep, long-lasting clean and quick drying time. Don’t just take our word for it, check out testimonials from satisfied customers in Warren, MI on our website.

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Enjoy a Fast, Effective Carpet Cleaning Experience in Warren, MI with Short Stop Chem-Dry

Experience the carpet cleaning revolution with Short Stop Chem-Dry. Our state-of-the-art hot carbonated process ensures fast drying and impeccable carpets in just 1-2 hours. Our excellence is unmatched by any competitor in Warren, MI!

Not only will you save time, but you’ll also enjoy a cleaner, healthier home. Say goodbye to mold and mildew risks. We take pride in our service that effectively eliminates even the most stubborn carpet stains.

Choose Short Stop Chem-Dry and enjoy a healthier and cleaner home. Discover the difference of our top-notch carpet cleaning services in Warren, MI today.

carpet cleaning warren mi

I can’t sing praises loud enough for these guys. They were on time, very professional and most importantly they were honest. They told me where my problems came from, how they were going to fix it and then did exactly what they said they would do. My carpet went from looking like total garbage to being soft, fluffy and the cleanest it’s been since we had it installed. They took the time to show me what they were doing, how it worked and showed me the after results along with the used water just to show me how well it worked. The price was affordable for the job they had to do and I’m left with beautiful, clean carpets. Dalton and Cheryl were the answer to my carpet prayers, 10/10 will ABSOLUTELY use them again.

Sara Z.

Green Carpet Cleaning

Looking for an eco-friendly solution to carpet cleaning? Our carpet cleaning services in Warren, MI are safe for your carpets and help protect the environment because after all, we live in Warren too! We care about our local environment, so we strive to protect it with all of our serivces. Our carpet cleaning solutions are Green-certified and safe for both your home and your family. Plus, we use less water than other cleaners, because we know that water is an important resource. This also has the bonus advantage of faster drying carpets. We only use ingredients copied from Mother Nature in our cleaning solutions to ensure that you don’t only get an effective clean, but that we help protect your carpets and the environment.

Give us a call today to learn more about our green cleaning services or to schedule a visit with Short Stop Chem-Dry in your home in Warren, MI!

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