How To Choose The Perfect Carpet Color For Your Home

Mar 11, 2022 | Uncategorized

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High quality carpeting is essential for the style, day-to-day function, and value of your home. Carpeting covers a lot of square footage, so it matters to have a color and material you love.


If your head is spinning with all of your different options for carpeting, Chem-Dry can help. We’re proud to lead the industry for carpet cleaning in New Baltimore, Michigan, and to provide other benefits for our customers, too—like tips for selecting the perfect carpet. 


There are many different fibers, patterns, colors, and styles to make your selection from. And at Chem-Dry, we’ve seen it all. So here are a few of our pro tips for deciding on carpeting that will offer both the style and function you want in your home. 


Choosing Your Carpet 


To get started, narrow down the other main elements of your design first. What we mean is, start with pieces or features with more limited color or fabric options—like chairs, tables, sofas, coffee tables, and other furniture. It makes the process much more simple when you have other existing items to match your carpet with. 


Then, after the carpet comes choosing paint colors, accent decor, and other finishing touches. 


You Can’t Go Wrong With A Neutral Color


It may sound simple, but this is actually a significant consideration. Have you ever wondered why neutral colors are so common for carpeting? The reasoning may go deeper than you think. 


Bright colored carpets are something people tend to tire of quickly, and can overwhelm and dominate a room. It’s no cheap expense to have carpets replaced, so a neutral shade is a wise investment both for yourself and for potential buyers in the future. But don’t worry—this doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice some bold color! Just do it in less permanent ways, like with decor and paint colors. 


In virtually any interior, you can’t go wrong with earthy tones. Warm or cool gray and beige are by far the most popular options. But you can still mix it up with the texture, pattern, and weave you choose! 


You can also try one of these colors that also has flecks of other neutral shades in it to add some dimension—plus (hint!) This also helps hide dirt and stains. 


In most cases, try to avoid really light or really dark colors. These tend to highlight particles, hair, lint, and dirt and are more difficult to maintain than medium tones for carpeting. 


Carpet Cleaning In New Baltimore, Michigan


Whichever carpet color you choose, Chem-Dry is here to keep it looking its best by removing dirt, stains, and odors. We are equipped with the expertise to treat your specific type of carpeting, and help it last for years to come.


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