Why Carpet Stains And Odors Come Back And How To Fix It

Feb 7, 2022 | Carpet Cleaning, Healthy Home and Family, Pet Urine Removal Treatment

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There are few things more frustrating than seeing carpet stains appear or getting a whiff of a familiar carpet odor—especially when you just had them cleaned. We’ve heard of so many people who thought that there carpets could not be saved– because after even a deep cleaning, the odor was still there! So what causes recurring carpet stains and odors, and what can be done to get rid of them for good

Leftover Soapy Residue Attracting Dirt To Your Carpet

It a carpet stain appears to return again and again, it could actually be new stains accumulating on the area due to sticky residue left behind in the carpet cleaning process. 

The reason for this is because most store bought, do-it-yourself carpet cleaning solutions or professional carpet cleaning formulas contain excess amounts of soap. This combined with the fact that carpets often aren’t rinsed effectively afterwards can create magnets for stains. This means that after some carpet cleaning methods, your carpets can actually be left more vulnerable to stains than before. 

Looking for a solution? Chem-Dry’s proprietary Hot Carbonating Extraction carpet cleaning method uses natural cleaning solutions and the power of carbonation to lift stains from your carpet—all while using 80% less water than steam cleaners. Our non-toxic formula is also safe for your family and won’t leave behind any pesky residue.

Excess Moisture That Causes Carpet Wicking 


Carpet stains often don’t stay on the surface of your floors, but seep into the carpet backing and padding beneath. A combination of moisture used in the carpet cleaning process and residual stains can also be trapped deep in your floors because some carpet cleaning methods use too much moisture then don’t effectively extract it. 


As the stain begins to dry, it can “wick” or travel up the carpet fibers—causing stains to reappear again and again. 


To avoid carpet wicking, use a carpet cleaning method that doesn’t require excess moisture and completely removes carpet stains the first time with Short Stop Chem-Dry.. 


Recurring Carpet Odors 


The number one culprit is pets. In fact, pet urine typically penetrates deep into carpet fibers, backing, and padding. When the moisture dries, potent, dust-filled odor crystals remain. 


Common carpet cleaning methods remove surface stains, but don’t eliminate pet odors at the source. This is why these familiar odors can continue to permeate in your home. 


Thankfully, Chem-Dry has developed a permanent solution. Our Pet Urine Removal Treatment not only breaks down these odor crystals, but removes odors and dust from pet urine in carpets


Carpet Cleanings In Harper Woods, MI


For proven, natural, permanent solutions for carpet stains and odors in your home, trust Short Stop Chem-Dry. Ditch outdated steam cleaning methods and choose a better way with our revolutionary carpet cleaning method and impeccable service. 

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