I’m Moving! Should I Clean My New Carpets?

Jun 3, 2022 | Carpet Cleaning

couple unpacking after cleaning floors after moving
It’s a lot of work, as exciting as it is, to purchase a home. You have some arduous tasks ahead of you, including moving, painting, organizing, and cleaning the entire house (often both houses)! Now is the perfect time to clean your new home professionally to ensure that when you move, you’re new place is fresh and cleaned from the beginning.

Getting your carpets cleaned prior to positioning your furniture is a great choice. First, it makes it much easier and faster to clean carpets without having to navigate or move furniture. Also, you can make sure that every inch of your carpets is thoroughly cleaned. No matter what the sellers said, you can never be sure that your new home is cleaned to your standards, free of recurring odors and stains. Cleaning the carpets prior to moving your own furniture in can really deliver that peace of mind that every new homeowner wants.

Even if the thought of cleaning your carpets extensively seems daunting, you don’t have to do it alone. If you hire a professional carpet cleaner, like your local Short Stop Chem-Dry operator, you can minimize the stress of cleaning because with Chem-Dry you’re getting the deepest clean possible. Let us save you the time and energy needed to thoroughly clean your home so you can use that time packing and organizing while we get your carpets in great shape. We look forward to helping your start off your new life in your new place with beautiful, freshly cleaned carpets.