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Don’t neglect your couches, sofas, loveseats, and other furniture! If your furniture and upholstery are stained, starting to smell, or just looking dingy, it’s time to get it all cleaned! After all, you and your family deserve better than to live with stained furniture. Luckily for you, Short Stop Chem-Dry is the best upholstery cleaner in Detroit, MI.

We get your upholstery cleaner, healthier, and drier. That’s how we’ve left so many customers happy with their cleaning. Learn more about the difference that Chem-Dry® can make in your furniture and home below.

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Cheryl & Dalton were an amazing Team! When they derp cleaned vacuumed they did all the furniture and even the corners going up the walls. The carpet & chairs look like new again. They were prompt, organized, clean and worked with our budget. And they moved almost the big pieces of furniture. All of my kitty stains were completely removed. Please call Short Stop Chem Dry for a FANTASTIC cleaning!!

Joan K.

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Short Stop Cleaners Deeper

Chem-Dry® uses a patented cleaning solution that is unlike anything else you’d find in Detroit, MI. Our microscopic carbonated cleansing bubbles penetrate deep into your upholstery fibers and raise dirt and grime to the surface where they are easily swept away by our powerful extraction equipment. This means that your upholstery is cleaned from deep within, leaving your furniture cleaner. Additionally, our solution dries faster than other cleaners, meaning there is less time for dirt to be attracted to the wet surface. Choosing Short Stop Chem-Dry saves you time and money because you won’t have to get your furniture professionally cleaned nearly as often, and we know you’ll be satisfied with the results.

Quick Drying Furniture Cleaning

One of the pains of upholstery cleaning can be waiting for your furniture to dry. You’re getting your furniture cleaned because you use it regularly, so you want to get back to enjoying your home as soon as possible! Luckily, our carbonated cleaning process uses much less water than other cleaners, meaning that you get the same (or better!) results with a shorter drying time. Don’t wait around, call Short Stop Chem-Dry today and enjoy your clean furniture sooner in Detroit, MI!

Healthier Results for the Whole Family

Chem-Dry’s cleaning method has been tested and proven by a leading independent air quality laboratory to remove common household allergens from the carpets and upholstery we clean. And when a cleaner is added with the Healthy Home package, testing showed that we’re able to remove airborne dust, improving indoor air quality*. And the special deodorizer we use doesn’t just hide or cover up the odors that have been absorbed into your furniture. It actually removes them, keeping your furniture and indoor air fresh for longer. The result is cleaner furniture that is safe for kids and pets.

Our Green Cleaning Methods

Short-Stop Chem-Dry is a local Detroit, Michigan company. Our families live in the same Detroit, MI neighborhoods and breathe the same air as you. We care about keeping our environment clean, so we use eco-friendly cleaning products. Our specially formulated cleaning solutions contain natural ingredients and are free of the chemicals and harsh solvents that you’ll find other upholstery cleaning companies using. You can get your furniture cleaned without damaging the environment. If you want to learn more, contact us today and learn how Short Stop Chem-Dry can make a difference in your home with our superior upholstery cleaning service!

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